Top 5 Alt Book Club Talks

Coming in at number 5 is Kitty Speed with her show-stopping talk and song tackling the Disney Princesses Annuals.

At number 4 ,we have Meg Reid who took us back to Ancient Greece and Rome to look at some of their best and worst – mostly worst – jokes.

Up next is familiar face Mr James Crawley who is our most frequent Alt Book Club speaker. He’s put the audience through ‘The Psychopath Test’ which luckily we didn’t pass.

In second place is Chelsea Birkby when she took us through the finer points of French philosopher Sartre and US celebrity Kim Kardashian.

And our top talk of all time was Luke Rollason on John Wright’s book ‘Why Is That So Funny?’ We still have no idea why it was so funny, but the audience were falling off their seats.

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