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The unconventional comedy night about books.

Most people are too busy for a traditional book club but everyone has a favourite book. Every second Wednesday, speakers from different walks of life share hilarious sets about all kinds of books (from classic works to obscure comics and from non-fiction to chic-lit).

The Alt Book Club Podcast

From unconventional comedy/book night The Alternative Book Club, comes the Alt Book Club podcast! Featuring an eclectic mix of literary content presented by our favourite guests, and hosted by Shirley Halse.

Improv Your Life with Pippa Evans The Alternative Book Club

This is a very special author episode where we spoke to musical performer, improviser AND author, the exceptional Pippa Evans! Pippa talks to us about her book Improv Your Life and how improv can be a used for fun and showstopping musicals but how we also use improv every day in all aspects of our lives. You can find more from Pippa on Twitter: @IAmPippaEvans and on Instagram: @iampippaevans. You can find out more about her courses on her website: http://www.pippaevans.com and you can buy her book right now from all the places you usually buy books. & you can follow Alt Book Club on fb or instagram (@altbookclub) for news about our comedy nights and writing workshops.
  1. Improv Your Life with Pippa Evans
  2. Reading habits and Titus Andronicus with Verity Babbs
  3. This Is Not My Hat with Steve Cross and Billy the Kid: The Endless Ride with Gregory Akerman
  4. Sabrina with Martin Willis
  5. Homecoming with Edith Johnson

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